Bow Pasties for Tonight

Waiting for tonight?  So are they;)  Especially when there are so many options to choose from!  There are sticker pasties, rhinestone pasties, and of course, my favorite bow pasties.  There is something uniquely feminine about bow pasties.  They radiate a beauty about them that is intimately flirtatious.  When it comes time to decide what to where on a special night of romance or your next burlesque performance, allow the Pastyes Collection of intimate nipple covers light up your world with sensuality and style.  Here are 3 bow pasties that you should think about wearing next time you want a night of intimacy, seduction and femininity:

Bow Pasties

 Bow Pasties • Centerfold Pasties

Experience sensual luxury with style in these bow pasties inspired to elicit the Centerfold in you!  The Centerfold bow pasties feature a beautiful handcrafted satin tye and sparkly re-usable nipple cover that you can wear anytime your heart desires.  Perfect for a secret surprise or something to entertain yourself with!  There is no stopping flirtation with these ultra-feminine bow nipple pasties! 

Bow Pasties • Princesa Pastyes

Crown your most intimate areas with flirtation and femininity in these undeniably flirty bow nipple pasties!  Emit intimate sparkle with style and elegance in these handcrafted bow nipple pasties!  Reuse them over and over again and enjoy a flirtation that you might not have experienced ever before!  Whether it's for your own enjoyment or in front of thousands for a burlesque performance, enjoy sensual style with these ultra-feminine bow nipple covers!


love, tara