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Article: 3 Erotic Accessories You Need

3 Erotic Accessories You Need

While wedding season is cooling down there are ways to heat up your big day that are unexpected and under-explored. While hair accessories, shoes, dresses and bouquets are on the forefront of a brides mind, there are plenty of other accessories to also be included on your wedding day, or more specifically, wedding night. After the guests have left and the final dance has concluded, commence this special day with erotic bridal accessories you did not know you needed.  From elegant soft bondage to heel accessories to satisfy your bridal style, accessorizing with the unexpected and the erotic can make memories that will last forever.  Head are 3 erotic bridal accessories that you should consider on your big day:

Erotic Intimate Accessories

Bombshell Niptyes

Because what is pleasure without pain?  Enjoy the sweetest of sensations with these non-piercing nipple clamps designed to tease and delight.  Put on an impromptu strip tease or give them as an intimate gift to the one you love, these non-piercing nipple clamps are non-committal you that you can enjoy them whenever you please.  Get them in white to give your wedding night a bridal-inspired vibe.

La Sophisticate Bratye

Discover where elegance and sensuality collide with this simple yet irresistibly feminine bra chain that is designed to go from a night out to a night in.  This bra chain features glass pearls that contrast with demure black satin and a feminine tye to complete this sensual look.  Wear this bra chain with your favorite little black dress or lingerie set to contour your curves.

Like A Virgin Tyecuffs

Like the very first time, or just pretend it is, with these lacy handcuffs designed to light up your most intimate moments with sensuality and style.  These elastic cuffs feature a flirty 80s-inspired lace with a satin tye to secure them together.  Wear them around your wrists or ankles to make it a night, or day, that you will not forget.

love, tara

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