3 Lingerie Accessories To Make You Feel Fancy

Let's talk about lingerie accessories.  You know those special extras that you love to wear for not everyone to see.  While trend reports and #styleinspo can come and go, there are a lot of lingerie accessories you might not have even known about.  There is more to the picture than leg garters and cage bras.  When you are feeling yourself and want to make yourself feel fancy, the Intimates Collection of lingerie accessories is the perfect place to start.  Varying from flirty to seductive, this range of lingerie accessories is a beautiful way to secretively, or not so secretively, accessorize.  Read on to see 3 lingerie accessories that you need in your accessory wardrobe to make you feel feminine and, of course, fancy.

Lingerie Accessories

Secret Niptyes • Discrete Bow Nipple Clamps 

Want in on a secret?  Just between us?  There is a lingerie accessory that is so often overlooked and unknown about.  What is it?  Nipple clamps. Yes, nipple clamps.  These powerfully petite bow nipple clamps deliver the sweetest of sensations to your most intimate areas while remaining simple and sweet.  These non-piercing nipple rings just clamp onto the nipple whenever you want to feel a little more fancy and fierce.

 Tease Bratye • A Pearl Bra Chain

You tease!  Enjoy sensual accessorizing with beauty and flirtation in this pearl bra chain designed to highlight your curves with luxury and flirtation.  This bra chain features creamy pearls that contour your curves with long satin tyes that encircle that waist to ensure a customizable fit.  Enjoy being the tease that you are with this flirty and feminine pearl bra chain.

Daisy Bow Nipple Pasties

Sometimes you want to feel feminine, fancy and, well, flowery!  When you want to get all sorts of springlike, than these daisy chiffon nipple covers are the perfect lingerie accessory for you!  These handcrafted daisy nipple covers feature a soft chiffon daisy, handcrafted organza tye and soft felt backing so that you can enjoy wearing them again and again!


  with love, tara