3 New Black Chokers

You might be over them.  Or you might be obsessed with them.  Chokers are a micro-trend that has been going strong since it's 2016 renaissance.  However the choker goes back much further than 2016 to even the 1800s in England where the black choker was used to identify prostitutes.  Like the stiletto, another highly sexualized article of clothing is the black choker which easily crosses the continuum of different cultures and looks.  The choker's symbolic meaning has changed every time it comes back into the fashion landscape.  With a variety of different black chokers available, fashion has been taking a cue from the world of BDSM by incorporating fetish-lite aspects like spikes, loops and leather black chokers to create and highlight the roots of this historic fashion accessory.  

The latest addition to the Bowtyes Collection highlights this varied and sexual past with feminine black chokers that are designed to light up your sensuality with style.  Here are the 3 latest additions of black chokers that you should consider for your next accessorizing experience:

 Black Choker
Discover sensuality like never before with this handcrafted black choker designed to light up any look with femininity and sensuality.  This black choker features a handcrafted satin tye and picot-trimmed elastic that comfortably sits around the neck for a feminine finish that you can wear with a variety of looks.  Enjoy style and femininity together in this simple black choker.
Inspired by menswear, but feminized with clean lines and a dainty handcrafted satin tye, this black choker is a beautiful way to accent any look.  Perfect to work to work and beyond, this versatile black choker can be easily incorporated into any look you wish.  Delight your decollete with this simple and feminine black choker!
No jewelry box is complete without a simple pearl choker designed to bring a classy and feminine finish to any look.  The Mademoiselle Pearl choker features bold glass pearls and a long, luxurious satin tye that you can wear to the front, to the back or however your heart desires.