3 Ways to Style That Little Black Dress

When it comes to accessorizing that little black dress, there are a lot of different options you can choose from.  From feminine jewelry to sensual lingerie accessories, that little black dress can act as a canvas to let you use your imagination and your creativity.  No matter if you are going to a birthday bash or that second date, there are many ways you can make your look feminine, unique and sensual.  But first, you have to decide on one thing.  And that's the focal point.  Every fashion stylist uses the technique of a focal point to strategically accessorize.  Do you want to show off your hips, your neck or your shoulders?  After you decide what your focal point will be, you can then decide what accessories to employ to help you achieve the look you are going for.  Here are 3 different fashion accessories that you can employ on that little black dress:

Feminine Accessories

There is something to be said about hair accessories that can make your look instantly more feminine.   The Highness headband is designed to crown your look with feminine style.  This handcrafted black bow headband features a layered tye and soft elastic fit that you can wear on the top of your head, off to the side or even around the back.  Enjoy feminine accessorizing like never before with this handcrafted black bow headband.
When you add pearls into your look, there is a beautiful and luxurious finish that they create.  The Mademoiselle pearl choker features bauble-like pearls and a long luxurious satin tye that you can allow to drape down the back or off to the side.  Add this to your favorite little black dress to create a luxurious finish that you can enjoy again and again:)
Discover your curves like never before with these flirty and feminine leg garters that will be a sweet surprise under any little black dress!  These pearl leg garters feature a luxurious glass pearl strand and soft elastic fit with a bold satin tye that you can wear to the back or off to the side.  Discover sensual accessorizing like never before with these pearl leg garters!
love, tara