Accessorizing Made Sweet 🎀 Lingerie Harnesses & Body Chains

Accessorizing your look can be a bit of a game.  Jewelry, accessories and intimates are wonderful ways to transform your look with just a simple addition.  That is why it is important to create balance and style with every accessory you decide to wear.  And as the old fashion rule goes, less is more.  So selecting accessories, like lingerie harnesses and body chains,  that enhance your look is a great first step in your accessorizing game plan.  Whether you are looking for something dainty and feminine, or something bold and alluring, accessories like lingerie harnesses and body chains are a major impact on style.  Here are a few of my lingerie harnesses and body chains:


Treat your torso to the undeniable seductiveness of the Dirty Talk body chain!  This sultry accessory is designed to highlight your torso with sweet femininity.  A soft organza tye centers the look while lead-free chain dangle to add a playfully feminine element.  Wear this body chain with your favorite swimsuit, lingerie set or going out style.  It's super versatile and features a satin tye closure in the back so you can customize the fit. 


Frame your torso with feminine accents in this classy body chain from the Vanity Collection!  Handcrafted satin tyes accent the corners of this feminine body chain while lead-free chain drape over the torso to frame it beautifully.  A sultry satin tye back ensures a customizable fit.  Wear this flirty body chain with your favorite shirt, swimsuit or lingerie set, or nothing at all!  Flirt with your femininity in this versatile body chain meant to make accessorizing effortless and stylish.


If you are looking for a lingerie harness that is bold and alluring, the French Kiss bodtye lingerie harness is for you!  A dainty pearl link chain adds a touch of luxury to your look.  Wear this with your favorite cocktail dress or lingerie set for an undeniably feminine touch.  This can also be worn in a formal setting under a white collared shirt and blazer to stimulate a little sensual curiosity.  Accessorizing is sweet when you select body chains and lingerie harnesses that make styling feminine and fabulous!