Accessorizing the Lingerie Harnesses✨

You might have seen them walking down the runway.  Or perhaps on Pinterest.  A random google search. Or even somewhere in between.  Lingerie harnesses are definitely an accessory that can not be ignored.  A lingerie harness is an accessory that is inspired by BDSM but with a softer more versatile tonality.  You can wear a lingerie harness over a simple shirt, with a dress or of course, with your favorite lingerie.  Lingerie harnesses are typically adjustable so that they can contour your curves and are made of elastic and sometimes super strappy.  The purpose of a lingerie harness is to sensually define your style by accentuating your curves.  The lingerie accessory is the perfect way to blend the bedroom with the boardroom or a social look with an intimate look.  This lingerie accessory is all about blurring lines and finding your feminine style.  Here is a look at a few must-have lingerie harnesses:


The French Kiss lingerie harness is a bit of a game changer.  First, it's a lingerie harness with a soft elastic choker and waist belt but also incorporates a luxuriously feminine detail of glass beads that cascade down the torso for an undeniably feminine look.  Wear this hybrid of a lingerie harness and body chain with your favorite low cut shirt to create a feminine spectacle for all to observe and admire.


Be the royalty that you are with this ultra-feminine and seductively simple lingerie harness from the Highness Collection!  This beautiful and unique lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic waistline to hug your curves and accent your torso with sensual style.  Wear this over your favorite shirt, or perhaps with nothing at all :)


Make your mark with this simplistically feminine lingerie harness designed to delight your style with a hint of seductive bondage.  This simple and dainty lingerie harness features thin elastic and a handcrafted satin tye in the center for a dash of flirtation.  Wear this lingerie harness over a simple shirt to instantly transform it or with your favorite lingerie set to kick it up a notch.🔥