Accessorizing with Chokers

Maybe it was a 90s thing.  Or was it?  Chokers have been enjoying a serious moment in the jewelry trend spotlight.  Whether you layer other necklaces with your choker or wear only a choker, accessorizing your neckline has become simple and feminine.  If you have noticed the serious resurge of the Clueless vibe, you will want to invest in a few chokers to play up your accessorizing game.  These fashion accessories are perfect to take with you anywhere your heart desires.  Wear them to work, out to play or in your boudoir, chokers are a must-have in your jewelry box.  Here are a few of our customer's favorite chokers:


Sensuality never look so sweet than in the Chantilly lace choker!  Spike your style with a hint of femininity in this radiately beautiful choker.  This lace choker features a metallic intricate beaded lace and a sultry satin ribbon to create a feminine statement with whatever you decide to wear!  Perfect for that first date, you will feel feminine and confident when you have this pretty little thing accenting your look.


Kiss your look with the sweetest of accents in this Hickey bow choker!  When you are looking for something simple and versatile, the Hickey bow choker is the perfect choker to add to whatever look your heart desires.  The bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye that sits playfully off to the side to highlight your style with sweet sensuality.  Wear this choker with jeans and a tee shirt, a dress or something that makes your heart flutter.


Nothing says feminine like the Marie Antoinette velvet bow choker!  This handcrafted choker features a handcrafted velvet tye and soft choker to create a kittenish affair on your neck.  Wear this flirty bow choker when you are feeling flirty and sensual.  Kick your next striptease up a notch with this flirty bow choker.