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Article: Aquarius Style 🎀 Bold, Confident & Eccentric


Aquarius Style 🎀 Bold, Confident & Eccentric

We are in the age of Aquarius.  That sign in the zodiac that demonstrates the part of ourselves that is independent, forward-thinking and adventurous.  This sign is not shy, but originally cognitive and witty. This sign is unknown to try any trend once and will rock even the boldest of looks without a second guess.  This adventurous sign has all the traits you want in a stylist.  They not only have an eye for something original, but they will also give you the confidence and reassurance you need to rock it successfully. Discover your inner Aquarius, if you are not one, and if you are, cheers to you!  Here are a few items that will help you discover your own #aquariusstyle:

Aquarius Style Feminine Jewelry

Doll Hairtye | Black Hair Bows | Aquarius Witty Style

Rock this simple yet bold black hair bow to make a feminine statement. Inspired by all things feminine and faire, this carefully handcrafted satin black hair bow is the perfect addition to any hairstyle. Wear it out with your friends, with the fam or out on the town, this feminine hair bow is a beautiful addition to any look. 

Fringe with Benefits Black Choker | Feminine Jewelry 

Discover playfulness and style with this ultra-feminine black choker designed to bring out the flirt and the confidence in you!  This ultra-feminine black choker features flirty fringe trim and handcrafted satin tye to create any look your heart desires!  Perfect for a night in your boudoir or a night out with friends, this socially active choker is the perfect addition to any look!

La Sophisticate Nipple Clamps | Lingerie Accessories  

Create a sensual statement with the bold flair of an #aquarius in this beautifully feminine nipple clamp necklace!  Designed to bring out the sophisticated flirt in you, this sensual accessory can be worn under a loose shirt, with your favorite lingerie set or not a thing at all.  Enjoy your sensuality with this sophisticated lingerie accessory!

love, tara


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