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Article: Arm Candy 🎀 Bow Bracelets

Bow Bracelets

Arm Candy 🎀 Bow Bracelets

Accessorizing doesn't have to be a challenge.  It can be easy, fun and feminine with the help of the Tyelet bow bracelet collection.  This collection is designed with a wide range of different styles that use different materials so that you can find the perfect bow bracelet.  Whether you are going to an art gala, into work or just hanging around home, having a great wrist game is the perfect way to show your style.  Accessorize effortlessly by slipping on a bow bracelet from the Tyelet Collection.  Here is a look at a few bow bracelets that make accessorizing sweet and feminine:

Goddess Bow Bracelet Feminine Jewelry


Flirt without a word in this simple and feminine bow bracelet designed to make everything you wear a little sweeter.  Using sultry satin wristband with a handcrafted satin tye, this flirty feminine accessory will go with you everywhere.  Dainty yet bold, this bow bracelet is the perfect way to accent any look you desire.  It is so versatile you might never want to take it off!


Delight your style with a hint of seductive sparkle in this handcrafted bow bracelet from the Goddess Collection!  This elasticized bow bracelet is easy to slip on whenever you need a little sparkle.  Featuring elastic strips and a handcrafted sparkly tye, this bow bracelet makes for the perfect cuff to wear to your next night on the town or formal event.  Be the goddess that you are with this beautifully feminine bow bracelet!


Inspired by the glamour and fame of 1950s pinup models, the Pinup Collection is all about playful femininity.  Wear the Pinup bow bracelet when you want to add a little flirtation to your look.  This bow bracelet features pin-dotted satin wristband and a handcrafted satin tye so that you can wear this whenever your heart desires.  

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