Back To School • How To Feminize Your Office

It's time.  It's time to go back.  Not back to Cali.  But back to school!  We all know that this is met with a little hesitation.  A little resentment that summer is coming to a close.  But we can make it more enjoyable.  More exciting and of course, more feminine.  Finding small details that you can employ in your routine work space is a wonderful way to light up your mood and help you stay cool, calm and collected.  Whether you are working on a dissertation or painting a picture, there are a lot of ways to make your work space more enjoyable and feminine.  Read ahead to make some small shifts that will transform your office:

Faux Fur

Something Pink 

Throwing in a dash of pink will not only help harmonize the look and vibe of your work space, it will also help add some tenderness, love and sweetness.  You can easily add a dash of pink with a faux fur pillow or throw.  This small but focal part of your office will create a beautiful shift that you can enjoy.  Add a pink pillow, a rug or perhaps a new desk organization tool, whatever it is begin with this small shift.

Feminine Style

Bright Lights 

They say that lighting is everything.  And in the age of the selfie, we all know that this is true.  Having beautiful light from a window or a chandelier will help you maintain your focus and hard work no matter what hour of the day it is!  We love a bright chandelier because not only does it emit a beautiful radiance it also gives any space a classic and feminine finish.



Whether you love practicing your penmanship or prefer to talk to text, having a beautiful calligraphy piece somewhere in your office will help create a feminine vibe.  From a piece of artwork to a sticker on a wall, from a positive affirmation to a simple word, calligraphy will help create a romantic vibe that you can enjoy day in and day out.