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Article: Be A Flirt 💕 Feminine Nipple Clamps

Be A Flirt 💕 Feminine Nipple Clamps

Even though Valentine's Day is over, discover a flirty way to sensually accessorize all year long.  Going on a first date?  Want to make it a night to remember?  Looking for something to surprise the one you love?  The Niptyes nipple clamps collection is designed for the discerning female that enjoys her sensuality and wants to explore new accessories.  These feminine nipple clamps are perfect for the beginner as they are non-committal and deliver the sweetest of sensations without the pain.  Find the flirt in you.  Celebrate your curves like never before with these flirty and feminine nipple clamps.  Create a striptease to remember or just enjoy them alone, however you like to celebrate your sensuality, let the Niptyes nipple clamps collection be apart of it.  Here are a few nipple clamps that you need in your intimate accessory wardrobe:

 Nipple Clamps

Bombshell Nipple Clamps

Flirt with your sensuality in the Bombshell Nipple Clamps!  These flirty and fun nipple clamps are designed to bring out the bombshell in you!  These nipple clamps feature handcrafted satin tyes and a flexible nipple clamp so that you can wear them whenever you please.  Simply secure the nipple clamp onto the nipple and go have a little fun.  These sensual and intimate accessories are a beautiful way to create a feminine finish.

Kinkette Nipple Clamps

Feeling a little kinky?  Allow the Kinkette Nipple Clamps find new ways to unveil the sensuality in you!  These flirty and feminine nipple clamps feature a handcrafted sparkly choker and lead-free chain that end in flexible nipple clamps.  Perfect to wear with a deep-v shirt, under a blazer or jacket, or with nothing at all.  Introduce your sensual style to the feminine and seductive detail of the Kinkette nipple clamps!

Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps 

Where elegance and sensuality collide.  The Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps are inspired by all things feminine and classic.  These sensual accessories are a perfect gift for the one you love or a feminine treat for yourself.  Discover your sensual style with these flirty nipple clamps!  The Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps feature a handcrafted velvet tye and luxurious pearl teardrop so that you can experience all the beauty without the pain!

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