Be A Goddess 🎀 Sparkly Feminine Accessories

Whether you realize it or not, you are a goddess.  The goddess of your life, your house or anything that you desire to be.  That is the inspiration behind the Goddess pieces of feminine jewelry and accessories.  These handcrafted pieces are designed to highlight the Goddess in you.  Have you ever looked for a bold piece of jewelry but was not sure how to best wear it?  The Goddess Collection is designed to be so effortless to wear, you might not want to take them off!  From sparkly feminine bracelets to sexy heel accessories to soft bondage to ignite your wildest imagination, the Goddess in you is waiting to come out.  Allow these pieces to take you places you might have never have gone before.  If you are considering look for new jewelry, accessories or intimates, here are a few sparkly pieces that you might not want to pass on:

Goddess Sparkly Intimate Accessories

Sparkly Feminine Bracelet | Goddess Bow Bracelet

Light up your look with sensual sweetness in this feminine and beautifully bold bow bracelet designed to highlight your look with femininity and style.  The Goddess Tyelet bow bracelet features soft elastic straps that encircle the wrist and is accented with a handcrafted tye.  Wear this flirty accessory with your favorite little black dress or nothing at all.

Sparkly Heel Accessories | Goddess Heeltyes

Be the goddess that you are with these feminine and stylish heel accessories designed to highlight each step with flirtation.  The Goddess Heeltyes feature sparkly and soft elastic loops with a sparkly tye that accents the back of the ankle for a sensual and feminine statement.

Sparkly Handcuffs | Goddess Tyecuffs

Command any situation with sparkle and femininity in these irresistibly feminine handcuffs that are as strong as they are sweet.  Discover soft bondage like never before with these feminine and flirty sparkly handcuffs.  Soft elastic loops ensure quick employment and enjoyment anytime the moment calls for it.