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Article: Beauty in Balance

Beauty in Balance

Finding beauty in balance is effortless when making tyes because of their innate design.  One side equals the same as the other side as proven in this example of the heinous tyelet. So how do we apply this beautiful design principle to our lives?  Here are a few ways to help you achieve balance:

1.  Assess your life and find your equilibrium.  

2.  Determine what you value and create boundaries

3.  Make decisions around your responsibilities and your values

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Bath Escapes

In the midst of a sultry summer, it is always fun to enjoy sweet escapes from the heat.  Whether it's swimming, going to the mall or simply enjoying the breeze of a fan.  Here is a little inspirati...

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New York Fashion Week concluded last week with a robust assortment of bold accessories I simply could not ignore.  First, the brightly hued metallic chucky heels made a statement on the runway.  N...

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