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Article: Birthday Cake✨ Lingerie Accessories for your Birthday

Birthday Cake✨ Lingerie Accessories for your Birthday

It's that special time a year.  No, it's not the Fourth of July, Christmas or New Year's Eve.  It's your birthday.  It's time to celebrate yourself.  You made another round around the sun and you deserve to enjoy your own personal new years.  On your birthday, no matter if you celebrate with friends or go on a solo mission, enjoy a little birthday cake with sensual lingerie accessories that you can take with you wherever this birthday and beyond takes you.  Give yourself definition and style with the following handcrafted lingerie accessories that you can enjoy accessorizing with your favorite little black dress, business suit or should we say, birthday suit;). Ahead are three lingerie accessories that you should consider adding to your lingerie drawer or jewelry box:

Lady Heeltyes // Sensual Heel Accessories 

Step up your game with ladylike style in these feminine boudoir accessories designed to light up each step you take.  Soft and intricate elastic encircle the ankles or heels to delight your look with undeniable femininity.  Make every step you take a little sweeter with these ultra-feminine heel accessories. 

Do Me Proper Bratye // A Sensual Cage Bra Harness 

Give your look the respect it deserves with this ultra-flattering lingerie cage bra harness designed to highlight your shoulders and décolleté with beauty and femininity.  Blow out your candles with sensual style in with this adjustable and feminine cage bra harness that you can easily pair with a little black dress or nothing at all.

Tease Pastyes // Sparkly Bow Nipple Covers

Be the tease that you are and want to be this birthday with the Tease Pastyes designed to light up your most intimate strip teases with seduction and style.  Lead-free chain dangles playfully with each move you make.  Enjoy this birthday by celebrating all that you are by wearing these under a blazer or just in your birthday suit.  


with love, tara


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