Birthday Cake • Sweet Nothings & Lingerie Accessories

It's my birthday today and I am so excited to be off and able to spend time at home and in my studio working on more amazing things to bring into this life and to you!  There is nothing more special than your birthday.  It's like your own personal new years.  Another year for developing the soul and celebrating femininity no matter if it's a simple bow ring or a beautiful lingerie harness.  While I love to set goals to keep my eye on what I want to accomplish, there are many things that require no formal goal setting, just action.  Taking action is one of the most powerful things you can do.  But today I am going to enjoy.  It is like the stillness before the storm.  So today I am going to enjoy my home, my fiance, sweet nothings and birthday cake.  Here are a few of my favorite lingerie accessories that I am going to enjoy on my birthday and every day I can:

Lingerie Accessories and Sweet Nothings

Lingerie Accessories • Foxy Lingerie Harness

Bring out the foxy in you with this picot-trimmed elastic lingerie harness designed to light up any look with flirtation, love and lust.  This lingerie harness is super versatile and can be worn with a simple white shirt, little black dress or nothing at all.  Enjoy boudoir accessorizing effortlessly with this sensual lingerie harness!

ExGirlfriend Tyecuffs • Feminine Soft Bondage

Escape into your imagination with these ultra-feminine handcuffs designed to delight and tease.  Inspired by sweet revenge, this sensual handcuffs feature long satin tyes and sturdy handcuffs that allow you to be restrained together or to a bed post.  Enjoy sensual moments together with these flirty feminine soft bondage handcuffs.

XO Niptyes • Sweet Sensations Bow Nipple Clamps 

Flirt with sensual style in these handcrafted bow nipple clamps designed to light up your boudoir instantly, no piercing required!  These handcrafted satin bow nipple clamps feature an adjustable nipple clamp that you can put on or take off whenever the moment calls for it.  Enjoy your next striptease with a little more sweetness in these handcrafted bow nipple clamps!

love, tara