Black Chokers For Every Look

Have you ever noticed how some things you can wear over and over again?  Whether it's your favorite pair of shoes, that lacy nothing or a black choker.  Yes, a black choker.  This versatile piece of feminine jewelry can go the extra mile no matter what you decide to wear.  From a casual look to a classy dress, having a sexy black choker in your arsenal of accessories will make your accessorizing strategy even sweeter.  Incorporating a black choker into your favorite looks is a beautiful way to complete it with a feminine touch.  Ahead are 3 black chokers that you can enjoy wearing anywhere your heart desires:

 Black Bow Choker

Marie Antoinette Black Velvet Kitten Bow Choker 

Meow.  One more time.  Meow.  Unleash that inner kitten of yours anytime with this sensually-laced choker designed to light up your looks with a hint of playful femininity.  This handcrafted velvet black choker features a kitten-inspired tye that you can wear straight or off to the side.  Perfect to wear to work with a professional blazer or out on the town with your #bffs.  Enjoy wearing this black velvet choker wherever your heart desires.

 Trainwreck Satin Bow Choker

All aboard!  You are invited to come along the journey of sensually versatile accessorizing with the Trainwreck bow choker.  This BDSM-inspired bow choker features sexy silver loops, similar to a submissive collar, that you can use to edge up your favorite looks.  From the boardroom to the bedroom, this versatile black choker is a beautiful accent to all of your favorite looks.

Lady Elastic Bow Choker 

Love a ladylike finish?  I do too!  And you will achieve this with any look in the Lady elastic black bow choker.  This versatile intricate elastic bow choker features two handcrafted tyes that sit at the nape of the neck, making it perfect to wear with an elegant updo hairstyle.  Wear this choker with other necklaces to create a unique layered look or all by itself.  Enjoy ladylike accessorizing with this lingerie-inspired black choker.

love, tara