#BOSSBABE: Necktie Necklace

What to wear to work is a common challenge we all face.  Adhering to whatever office dress code policies are in place while staying on trend and being comfortable for long hours are all variables you must consider.  Investing in a few basic pieces while strategically indulging on more unique and feminine accessories is a game plan that works for a lot of working women.  Take a few cheap blazers and transform them by adding a necktie necklace to elevate your look.  Sometimes investing more in accessorizing and less in clothes is also an idea that you can play with.  At the end of the day, you want to look professional, feminine and desired, which is the goal behind the necktie necklace collection! Here are a few necktie necklaces that are perfect for any day at the office:


Delight your look with the professional and feminine accent of the Centerfold Necktye necktie necklace!  This simple yet luxurious necktie necklace is versatile so you can wear it to wear, out to dinner or behind closed doors.  Welcome luxury and femininity into your look effortlessly.  This necktie necklace features a creamy pearl link chain and dainty black chain that form the shape of a traditional necktie.  Sultry satin tyes cascade down the back for an extra feminine detail while allowing for maximum versatility.


Kiss your style with the evocatively feminine French Kiss Necktye necktie necklace!  This luxuriously sweet necktie necklace is perfect to wear with a blazer or blouse to give your look a hint of sophistication and luxury.  This necktie necklace features dainty chain and creamy glass pearls that cascade down the chest to add alluring flirtation to your style.  


You work hard so you deserve the best.  The La Sophisticate Necktie Necklace is designed to give hard working women the style that they deserve.  This beautifully versatile and elegantly feminine necktie necklace features a beautiful glass pearl bead detail and dainty lead-free chain to elevate your look to #bossbabe status.