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Article: Boudoir Accessories 🎀 3 New Artyes

Boudoir Accessories 🎀 3 New Artyes

Have you ever noticed how the smallest detail can shift your perspective entirely?  It can be a color, a mood, a tone, a scent, a glance.  There are so many subtleties that can go by un-noticed.  But when they are noticed, they make an impression that might not escape you.  This is the inspiration behind the Artye Collection of beautiful boudoir accessories.  These handcrafted and cheeky art prints feature simple statements used to create a small detail in a room full of distractions to shift your perspective and light up your imagination.  Radiating positivity, femininity and elegance, these boudoir accessories are a perfect reminder throughout your day or a beautiful gift to give the one you love.  No matter where you put these feminine boudoir accessories, there is nothing better than seeing this small detail and having it shift your mood.  Ahead are 3 new artyes designed to light up any area of your world that you so desire:

 Boudoir Accessories

BangBang Art Print

If you have heard this song, you know exactly what it means.  Enjoy the flirtation and the seduction of the bangbang art print boudoir accessory!  This art print features a black frame and two sexy tyes that accent the sides for a flirtatious accent that you will want to put everywhere.  Enjoy the details with this sexy art print.

Do Not Disturb Art Print

Sometimes the moment calls for intimacy, passion and pleasure.  Don't let these moments escape you with the Do Not Disturb art print.  This handcrafted art print features a beautiful frame and handcrafted satin tyes to emit a beautiful ambiance that any corner of your boudoir deserves!

Shhh... Art Print

Sometimes you just need a little quiet time and this art print will help you get just that!  The Shhh... art print features a handcrafted satin tye and beautiful calligraphy print to place anywhere you need a little silence.  Enjoy connecting with yourself and letting others know that need to give you the space you deserve.

love, tara

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