Boudoir Accessories for Autumn

The nights are beginning to get longer and the days shorter, the air is crisper and the magic of summer begins to fade.  This magical time of transformation is the perfect time to introduce new boudoir accessories into your life.  As we begin to spend more time our boudoir, there are so many accessories that we can style and have fun with.  From soft bondage handcuffs for our most intimate moments to a stylish belt we can wear with our favorite lingerie set, now is the perfect time to refresh our wardrobe.  Whether you are looking for something simple or something completely new, ahead are 3 boudoir accessories you should consider integrating into your accessorizing routine today:

Boudoir Accessories

Mademoiselle Pearl Handcuffs

Light up your most intimate moments with luxury and seduction in these feminine pearl handcuffs designed to help you experience soft bondage without the fear.  These luxurious pearl handcuffs feature long satin tyes so you can experience them around your wrists or your ankles.   Enjoy your most intimate moments even more with these feminine handcuffs. 

Bougie Lace Bow Belt 

Lace your look with seduction and flirtation in this handcrafted lace belt designed to light up your look with femininity and style.  Inspired by all things bold and extra, this lacy bow belt is perfect to wear with your favorite lingerie set, work attire or perhaps nothing at all.  The long lacy tails gives this belt an instantly flirtatious vibe.  Enjoy accessorizing with a little romance in this black lace bow belt.

Enchantress Bow Ring

Make everything you touch a little sweeter with this adjustable black bow ring designed to create an effortless accessorizing experience.  This wispy and bold bow ring is completely adjustable so that you can wear it on any finger you desire.  Enjoy adding an enchanting finish to any look by dressing this ring formally or casually.  Perfect for a feminine accessorizing experience you can take from the boudoir to beyond.

love, tara