Boudoir Accessories & Intimates 🎀

Boudoir.  The art of capturing your sensuality in an image or a video.  The sensation you feel when you are desired, confidence and feminine.  Boudoir has been captivating photography with suggestive sensuality and artistic beauty.  No matter what your body type is or how long your hair is, boudoir photography can find the beauty in you.  If you have had a boudoir session than you probably know that this experience is something that you can cherish forever.  Whether you are doing it for yourself or giving it to a loved one, having a boudoir session can help you reflect and see yourself differently.  Having the right boudoir accessories and lingerie intimates can also help you feel empowered and beautiful while you are having your session and beyond.  The Intimates Collection of leg garters, handcuffs, nipple accessories and lingerie harnesses allow you to explore your sensual style like never before.  Find your confidence with these flirty and feminine boudoir accessories and feminine intimates:

 Lingerie Accessories and Sensual Intimates

Boudoir Lingerie Accessories || Honey Leg Garters

There's nothing like honey.  It's sweet taste lingers in your mouth well after you have tasted it.  This is the effect inspired by the Honey Leg Garters.  These sensual lingerie accessories feature handcrafted satin tyes and soft elastic bands that hug your curves to create the sweetest of statements.  Wear these feminine intimates with your favorite lingerie set or nothing at else at all.

Boudoir Lingerie Accessories || FaireFox Lingerie Harness

Delight your style with a little sweetness and a little edge in this ultra-feminine lingerie harness designed to make the most of anything you would like to style.  This versatile harness is perfect to wear all by itself or with your favorite lingerie set.  You will not get bored with this feminine and sensual lingerie harness designed to go with you wherever you go.

 Boudoir Lingerie Accessories || Kitty Nipple Cover Pasties

Delight your style with the sweetest of details in this provocatively feminine nipple covers inspired by your inner kitten.  These handcrafted nipple covers feature soft satin tyes and sexy Russian veiling so that you can wear them around your boudoir, out and about under a sheer shirt, or whenever you need a little femininity in your look.  Experience boudoir style everywhere you go with these flirty boudoir lingerie accessories!