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Article: Boudoir Accessories To Wear This Weekend

Boudoir Accessories To Wear This Weekend

The weekend is a time to enjoy a little celebration.  Even if you just get a day off, enjoying a little space and reconnection to yourself is a beautiful way to celebrate your life.  No matter if you are going to the mountains, the beach or heading into the city, enjoy little moments of freedom to explore your life.  Boudoir accessories are designed and inspired to light up your most celebratory moments with sensuality and femininity.  Explore your sensuality with accents of femininity and style with the Intimates Collection.  This collection of leg garters, handcuffs, nipple accessories and lingerie harnesses are each carefully designed to caress your torso with style and femininity.  Add these boudoir accessories to any outfit you desire to create a look that sparks interest and expands your wardrobe spectrum. However you decide to enjoy your weekend or day off, here are three boudoir accessories to add to accent your look:

 Sensual Intimates Boudoir Accessories

Boudoir Accessories | Honey Leg Garters

Sweeten any look you desire with these ultra-feminine bow leg garters designed to light up your look with sweet sensuality.  The Honey leg garters features handcrafted satin tyes and soft elastic straps that caress the thighs and waist.  Perfect to wear under a short skirt or dress, these sweet and feminine leg garters are a beautiful boudoir accessory to add to your next weekend look.

 Boudoir Accessories | Dirty Talk Nipple Clamps

Experiment with sensual style in these boudoir accessories designed to deliver the sweetest of sensations.  The Dirty Talk Nipple Clamps boudoir accessories feature handcrafted organza tyes and lead-free chain that dangle with sensual delight.  Wear these under a loose shirt or blazer to give your look a sensually feminine finish.

Boudoir Accessories | Hickey Lingerie Harness

Make your mark with undeniable femininity in this versatile and simple lingerie harness designed to delight your look with a unique finish.  The Hickey lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic bands that caress the torso for a beautifully feminine finish.  Wear this lingerie harness with your favorite shirt, bra or lingerie set!


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