Boudoir Jewelry For The Weekend✨

As the week finally comes to a close, it's a beautiful time to take a little extra time for yourself.  Whether it's a long bath, a long walk or a yoga class, having the space that you need to recenter, refocus and realign with yourself is an important part of your health.  Celebrate this special space and time with some sexy baubles that you can take from the boudoir to the streets.  The Jewelry Collection of sensual and feminine necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings is designed to highlight your femininity with sensuality, confidence and independence.  Taking the time and investing in yourself is a beautiful way to increase your happiness, peace of mind and help you feel confident when the world needs you the most.  From simple bow necklaces to bold bow rings, there is a piece of feminine jewelry for any mood.  Enjoy this weekend with boudoir jewelry that will take you anywhere.  Here are 3 pieces of boudoir jewelry you should consider for your next escape:

Boudoir Jewelry

Boudoir Jewelry | La Sophisticate Bow Necklace 

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the biggest impact, like the simple elegance of the La Sophisticate bow necklace.  This feminine necklace is a beautiful way to light up your boudoir with femininity, elegance and versatility.  Couple this piece of boudoir jewelry with your favorite lingerie set, little black dress or sweet nothings to create a feminine statement again and again.

Boudoir Jewelry | Heartbreaker Bow Earrings 

Enjoy simplicity and style with these ultra-versatile bow earrings designed to delight any look with femininity and style.  These handcrafted bow earrings feature lead-free earring posts are so comfy that you can wear all day and all night.  Enjoy accessorizing any look with these flirty bow earrings.

Boudoir Jewelry | Femme Fatale Bow Bracelet 

Be the femme fatale that you are with this handcrafted bow bracelet that perfect to wear in your boudoir or to your next meeting.  This versatile bow bracelet features handcrafted satin tyes and has a soft elastic fit so that you can wear it anytime your heart desires.


love, tara