Bow Necklace Prep: How to Care For Your Décolletage

Taking care of your skin is a must if you want your skin to stay looking radiant, vibrant and youthful. You should really take care of your neck and chest areas as much as you take care of your face. The décolletage is one of the sexiest areas of your body. As a dermatologist once said, your face starts at your nipples. It is also one of the areas where aging starts to become noticeable. So here is a step by skin routine to make sure you are putting the best chest forward. 


Taking a bath every night is a good first step to maintaining a healthy décolletage. Using a cleanser with amino acids will help to reduce inflammation and remove toxins from your skin. I also like to give a massage to this area, it seems that increasing the circulation in this area will keep it awake and flowing with fresh blood.


After cleansing about two to three times a week, it’s wise to exfoliate your neck and chest area when you are doing your face. This encourages skin turnover so you can get some fresh cells going and sough off those outer, lackluster cells that have been dimming your glow. I personally love brown sugar! Mix brown sugar with coconut oil and scrub those cells away. Just be careful not to overdo it, over exfoliating can be painful and have some adverse effects. Remember moderation is your friend. 


Balance your skin with a moisturizer that fits your skin type. After you exfoliate, which by the way helps absorption too, apply a layer of moisture goodness to your skin. This will reinforce your previous skin care steps and use upward strokes when doing so, this helps encourage lifting and is energizing for the skin. Don’t forget to get something with SPF to keep protect you from those UV Rays!

Here are a few bow necklaces to top off your glowing and beautifully prepped décolletage: