Brunching 🎀 Feminine Accessories for Brunch

Brunching.  That activity of eating in between breakfast and lunch that typically consists of mimosas, toast and friends.  Going to brunch is a great way to start a Sunday.  Whether you are hangover from last night or just ran 3 miles, having brunch is a great way to celebrate the weekend and connect with friends.  Have a blast and be confident with what you are wearing with feminine accessories.  The Accessories Collection of heel accessories, shoe bows, bow belts, feminine belts, hair accessories, black hair bows, and feminine headbands are a great way to effortlessly accessorize no matter where you are going to brunch!  Inspired by versatility and simplicity, the Accessories Collection is a perfect way to create a new look over and over again without having to invest in a new look every time.  Discover your feminine style and enjoy the confidence of wearing feminine accessories no matter where you go.  Here are 3 feminine accessories to consider for your next brunching session:

Feminine Accessories

Feminine Accessories | Lady Shoe Bows

Enjoy wearing heels, flats, sandals or even boots with your brunching outfit, the Lady Heeltyes shoe bows are a beautiful way to transform your shoes without much investment nor effort!  The Lady Heeltyes feature an intricate elastic and a handcrafted tye that you can wear around your shoes, around your ankles or even up around your calves.  The options are all yours with these feminine shoe bows.

Feminine Accessories | Bougie Bow Belt 

Enjoying high tea, are you?  That's so bougie.  So celebrate it with this lacy bow belt designed to create a look that is feminine and versatile.  The Bougie bow belt features a handcrafted lace tye and soft elastic waist band so that you can customize the wear of it anyway you want.  Enjoy a little femininity wherever you want, whenever you want with this flirty and feminine bow belt!

Feminine Accessories | Bombshell Bow Headband

Be the bombshell that you are with this simple and feminine bow headband designed to be worn with any hairstyle you desire!  The bombshell bow headband features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band that you can wear with your favorite updo, ponytail or wear it like a crown.  Enjoy feminine accessories like never before with this versatile bow headband. 

love, tara