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Article: Chokers For Your #AOTD 🎀

Chokers For Your #AOTD 🎀

Your #AOTD.  What is it?  Do you have one?  Your #AOTD, the accessory of the day, can be something simple, or it can be something bold.  Something blue.  Something gold.  Whatever your feeling, having a fashion accessory of the day is a great way to make a simple outfit extraordinary or a bold accessory even sexier.  However, you decide to accessorize your day, having a choker is never a bad thing.  Chokers were a thing of the 90s, those thins straps of material that wrap around your neck were a back hit back in the day.  Now they are back.  And have been back for like a while now.  Some chokers have chains others have lace.  Whatever choker you like, it's always good to have one around your jewelry box.  They make the perfect #AOTD because they easily integrate into a variety of looks, are super versatile and transition easily from a casual day look to a vavavoom night look.  Highlight your neck with sweet sensuality in the Bowtyes Collection.  This collection of feminine chokers and necklaces make for a sensually feminine accessorizing experience.  Here are a few chokers and necklaces for your next #AOTD:

Feminine Chokers and Necklaces

#AOTD | Chantilly Lace Choker 

Flirt with your decollete in the Chantilly lace choker inspired by all things French.  This charismatic choker features a metallic eyelet lace and feminine satin ribbon that encircles the neck for a feminine appeal.  Wear this versatility beauty with your favorite business suit, little black dress or lingerie nothings for a sensual appeal that you can wear again and again.

#AOTD | Femme Fatale Choker

The crossover look.  That little bit of menswear expressed in a women's piece of fashion.  Whether it's a blazer, a shirt or even this choker.  Inspired by the traditional men's bowtie, this flirty choker is an easy way to show that you mean business.  Featuring a soft satin tye and elastic choker, you can easily wear this flirty little thing from work, to happy hour and into the night.

#AOTD | Marie Antoinette Bow Choker 

Delight your decollete with the sweetest of accents in this kitten-inspired bow choker.  Perfect for the bedroom but versatile enough to be your #AOTD, the Marie Antoinette bow choker makes for the perfect way to highlight your look with femininity, elegance and confidence.  Wear it with your favorite t-shirt, dress or lingerie set to light up your look with femininity.

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