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Article: Classic Elegance • The Marie Antoinette Collection of Lingerie Accessories

Black Bow Earrings

Classic Elegance • The Marie Antoinette Collection of Lingerie Accessories

Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France before the French Revolution, who allegedly said the famous quote, "let them eat cake," during a period of bread shortage.  Her fascinating life has inspired many to research this historic period.  Her lavish lifestyle is the inspiration behind this collection.  Using decadent details like sensual velvet and classic creamy glass pearls allows one to enjoy beautiful style over and over again.  No matter if you are simply grabbing lunch with a friend or going to an elegant party, this collection is beautiful in its versatility and design.  Here are the 4 items in this collection that you will love:

 Black Bow Earrings

Marie Antoinette Black Bow Velvet Earrings

Delight your look with these ultra-feminine black bow earrings designed to highlight your cheeks and neck with lavish beauty and all things lushness.  These classic bow earrings are a beautiful way to effortlessly accessorize any look!  Wear them with your favorite little black dress or lacy nothing for a sweet finish you can enjoy again and again!

Marie Antoinette Black Kitten Choker 

Be the kitten that you are with this beautifully handcrafted black bow choker inspired to bring out the lavish look in you!  This bow choker features a kitten-inspired design that is so versatile you might not want to take it off!  Enjoy flirtation and femininity with this beautifully feminine bow choker!

Marie Antoinette Black Hair Bow

Sweeten any hairstyle with this handcrafted black hair bow designed to make your look even more feminine.  This velvet black hair bow features a salon-style hair comb so that way you can easily insert it into any hairstyle your heart desires! 

Marie Antoinette Pearl Nipple Clamps 

Discover sweet sensations with these pearl nipple clamps designed to light up your boudoir with femininity, elegance and love.  These handcrafted black velvet bow nipple clamps feature a creamy glass pearl and non-piercing nipple rings so that you can wear them whenever the moment calls for it;)

love, tara 

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