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Article: Cocktail Time 🥂 Bow Rings For Happy Hour

Bow Rings

Cocktail Time 🥂 Bow Rings For Happy Hour

There comes a time of the day that we toast.  We toast to breakfast.  We toast to togetherness.  We toast to completing the day we wanted to.  Having a toast is a special celebrating on something that you want to reinforce.  So having accessories to enjoy with this celebration makes it even more memorable and stylish.  The Ringtye Collection of feminine bow rings is a beautiful way to accessorize without much effort nor investment.  From bold to simple, this range of bow rings is the perfect way to top of any toast. Featuring adjustable ring bands that can be worn on any finger this collection of bow rings makes them super easy and fun to wear again and again.  Here are a few rings to consider when you are accessorizing for your next toast:

Black Bow Ring

Blush Bow Ring | A Simple and Feminine Statement

Discover feminine style with this ultra-feminine and adjustable black bow ring!  This flirty and feminine black bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable ring band so that you can wear it on any finger you want.  Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly with this black bow ring!

 Doll Bow Ring | Classic Black Bow Ring

Be the doll that you are with this classic black bow ring designed for the flirt in you!  This beautifully handcrafted black bow ring features an adjustable ring band and a soft satin tye that is perfect to wear around the office, out with friends or just entertaining in your boudoir.

Highness Black Bow Ring 

Layer it on thick with this must-have black bow ring!  This adjustable black bow features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable ring band so that you can wear it on any finger you want.  Perfect for your next toast, happy hour or a boardroom meeting, this bow ring has it all!

love, tara

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