Confidence Boosting Feminine Accessories

It's ok to feel insecure sometimes.  It's ok to change your mind.  It's even ok to not feel like the best version of yourself all the time.  Our feelings and perceptions change throughout life and it's how we cope with these changes that are going to define our character and our life.  Recognizing this and taking the proper steps to redirect or to surrender to whatever it is that you are going through is the first step to positive recourse.  Feminine accessories are there to help you redefine your outlook into something positive, productive and confident.  That is why the Accessories Collection features such a wide array of different designs to help you take your best next step.   Whether you are heading into a meeting or having lunch with friends or getting ready for a first date, feminine accessories are a beautiful way to help you feel more confident no matter where you are going in this world.  Here are a few more feminine accessories that you need to make you feel your best:

 Confident Feminine Accessories

Flirty Heel Accessories

Make each step count with these irresistibly feminine heel accessories designed to transform your shoe game.  These handcrafted heel accessories feature a soft satin tye and soft elastic band so that you can wear them around your ankles, heels or calves for a feminine finish.  Wear these out on the town, to work or whenever you need a little confident femininity in your steps.

Hickey Bow Bracelet 

Kiss your look with the sweetest of accents in the Hickey bow bracelet!  This bow bracelet is so versatile you can wear it whenever you need a little confidence in your life.  This bow bracelet is the ultimate feminine accessory that you can wear to the office, out with friends or in your boudoir.  Discover style in versatility and femininity with this must-have feminine accessory!

Femme Fatale Lingerie Harness

The crossover look.  You know.  When masculine designs are transformed into feminine ones or vice versa.  This lingerie harness has it down.  Inspired by traditional suit and tie vibes, the Femme Fatale lingerie harness is a beautiful way to make your white collared shirt, sexy little black dress or even your lingerie set look as confident as you truly are.