Dance All Night with Heeltyes

Even though this year has been a wild ride, there is no reason why you can't take some time and enjoy yourself.  A long bath.  An online shopping spree. Or a total revamp of your closet are just a few ways that you can enjoy yourself when the world is crazy and uncertain.   But if you are looking for a total stress reliever, try dancing.  And not just dancing a song or two but really enjoying yourself and dancing all night long.  The Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel accessories are designed to go with you wherever you go.  These flirty and feminine accessories can be worn with a variety of shoes and different looks so that you can enjoy them all day and all night long.  Whether you are sporting long boots or sexy stilettos these flirty heel accessories are a beautiful way to enjoy yourself all night long.  Here are 3 heeltyes that you should consider for when you need to dance all night long:

Shoe Bow and Heel Accessories

Highness Heeltyes • Feminine Heel Accessories 

Crown each step you take with seduction and simplicity with these sultry heel accessories designed to go with you go with wherever you go.  These feminine heel accessories feature handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic strap that encircles the heels, anklets or calves.  Perfect with stilettos, these powerfully feminine heel accessories are a beautiful way to accessorize any look. 

Lady Heeltyes • Beautiful Shoe Bows 

Bring out the ladylike quality in you with these flirty and feminine heel accessories inspired by all things feminine.  These handcrafted shoe bows feature a beautiful elastic and you can wear comfortably all day and all night.  Enjoy a little ladylike accessorizing with this collection of heel accessories.  Available in pink, black and white, you'll have lots of options to wear these feminine shoe bows.

 XO Heeltyes • Bold Shoe Accessories

Inspired by the art of the kiss, these handcrafted satin heel accessories are as elegant as you want them to be.  The XO Heeltyes feature handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic band that you can wear around your favorite boots, high heels or even just flats.  Enjoy dancing all night long with these feminine heel accessories.


love, tara