Day & Night🥂 Lingerie Accessories 24/7

You might have.  Maybe once or twice.  Worn the same damn thing all day and then go out and have the same thing on 24 hours later.  We have probably all done it.  But it's the experience and the memories that make it all worth it.  Going out all night and working away all night might make your wardrobe to be stretched a little too thin.  But it's all good though because the intimates collection of lingerie accessories has got you.  Not only are they flirty and feminine for the office, you can really turn them into amazing accessories that will make your look completely different from dawn to dusk.  With lingerie accessories like leg garters, lingerie harnesses, nipple accessories and even handcuffs, your options and your wardrobe will never get bored.  Light up your look for an unexpected adventure with these flirty and feminine lingerie accessories from the Intimates Collection.  Here are a few lingerie accessories you should consider for your next adventure: Invitation Leg Garters

Lingerie Accessories | Invitation Leg Garters

Invite sweet seduction into your look with the Invitation Leg Garters.  These feminine lingerie accessories are the perfect surprise under a pencil skirt at work or a lingerie set in your boudoir.  The Invitation leg garters features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic bands that encircle the thigh for a flirty and feminine finish.

Lingerie Accessories | French Kiss Lingerie Harness

Delight your look with the sweetest of accents in this luxuriously feminine lingerie harness designed to light up your look with femininity.  The French Kiss lingerie harness features a luxurious pearl strand that cascades down the chest while soft elastic hugs the waist for a feminine finish.

Lingerie Accessories | Duchess Nipple Covers

Delight your look with sweet sensuality in these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to entice your look with femininity.  The Duchess nipple covers features a handcrafted tulle tye and sparkly nipple cover that you can wear again and again.  Wear these nipple covers under your shirt or without anything at all these flirty and feminine nipple covers.