Define with Bow Belts

Sometimes it just falls flat. Or creates an unflattering straight line hiding your curves. While wearing dresses is a beautiful way to celebrate your femininity, creating a hint of definition to show off your curves is can be easily achieved with the Beltyes Collection of feminine bow belts. These adjustable belt are comfortable and easy to wear no matter where this world takes you. From the office to a first date, you can reimagine accessorizing with these feminine bow belts. Ahead are three feminine bow belts that you should consider when you want to celebrate and define your curves.

Inspired by the art of three, this feminine bow belt chain, from the Menage A Trois Collection, features lead-free chain and an extender chain that you can wear with your favorite pencil skirt, maxi dress or perhaps that lacy nothing you've been wanting to wear. This chain belt features three satin tyes with a lead-free chain that you can incorporate into a variety of different looks making it a perfect staple in your accessory wardrobe.

Enchant your favorite looks effortlessly with this enchanting bow belt from the Enchantress Collection. This adjustable bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft adjustable strap that you can wear down low around your waist or up high as a empire waist. No matter how you decide to wear this feminine bow belt you'll take femininity with you wherever you want to go. Now go enchant with this bow belt.

Unleash the foxy in you with this ultra-feminine bow belt from the Foxy Collection. This adjustable elastic bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable strap so you can wear it as you wish. Delight your next #OOTD with a hint of wild femininity in this foxy bow belt. Whether you're heading out on a date or just lounnging in your boudoir, allow this bow belt elicit the foxiness in you.