Designed to Enchant✨ Lingerie Accessories That Create Magic

Perhaps you've seen them in movies, on Halloween or even IRL.  Enchantresses are those beautiful women that have the ability to cast spells and leverage their sorcery.  It could be that mean girl at work or someone to see for the first time, modern Enchantresses have the ability to transform their surroundings with just their presence.  That is the inspiration behind the Enchantress Collection of feminine jewelry and lingerie accessories designed to transform your look. Here is a look at a few items in the collection. 

Enchantress Black Bow Belt

Enchantress Black Bow Belt

Enchant your look with femininity and sensuality with this simple and seductive black bow belt!  This handcrafted satin black bow belt features a flirty tye with a soft elastic waist that is adjustable so that you can wear it up high or down low.  Perfect with those cocktail dresses that needs something more or even just with jeans.  The options are limitless with this feminine black bow belt.

Enchantress Feminine Soft Bondage

Delight any intimate moment with the Enchantress feminine soft bondage.  These handcuffs feature soft elastic loops that encircle the wrists or the ankles for a flirtation and feminine finish that you can employ at any time that you please.  An oversized sexy tye completes the top to complete this #gettyed experience.

Enchantress Nipple Covers

Put on a show or surprise the one you love with these ultra-feminine sparkly nipple covers.  The Enchantress nipple covers feature a flirty design and handcrafted satin tye that you can reuse again and again.  Delight your boudoir with these handcrafted nipple covers. 

Enchantress Black Hair Bow

When you don't know what to do with your hair, experience the magic of the Enchantress black hair bow!  This sexy little thing is the perfect feminine accessory designed to transform any hairstyle.  A handcrafted satin tye and salon-style hair comb can be inserted into any hairstyle you desire.

Are you an Enchantress?


love, tara