Discover your Sensual Spark in Bow Nipple Jewelry

You can feel it. That magic. That sensual magic. And it comes sometimes when you are dressing, when you met a special someone or sometimes it comes out of the blue. But we want to experience it again and again. Why? Because it makes us feel good. It boosts our confidence. It shows us that we can be sensual and attractive. The Niptyes Collection of bow tie nipple jewelry not only gives you that sensual spark it also delivers the sweetest of sensations right where you want them most. But no fear here. You don't need a piercing or need to feel the intimidation of tweezers or wires. Read ahead to discover three bow tie nipple jewelry that you can wear to ignite that sensual spark:

Marie Antoinette Bow Tie Nipple Jewelry

Designed to dangle and delight, these feminine bow tie nipple jewelry are designed to add a hint of sensuality and luxury to your favorite boudoir looks. Designed to create the look of a piercing without any of the pain, enjoy them at home or dare to wear them out and about under your clothing. Handcrafted velvet tyes mingle with teardrop pearls giving you a sensual experience you will want to repeat again and again.

Honey Bow Tie Nipple Jewelry

Discover just how sweet your sensuality can be with the Honey Bow Tie Nipple Jewelry. Petite yet powerful, these beautiful nipple clamps ignite your sensations while being discreet enough to wear them under your favorite things. Perfect as a gift or a sensual treat for yourself, these handcrafted satin tye nipple clamps are a beautiful way to ignite that sensual spark. You could even wear them under a blazer when you want to do some flashy flash. Discover new ways to accessorize your sensuality with these bow tie nipple clamps!

Vice Bow Tie Chain Nipple Jewelry

A vice. A wicked behavior. Something that we want but we know it's bad. That feeling is the inspiration behind these must-have bow nipple clamps. Lead-free chain dangle with a wicked sense of sensuality across the chest allowing you to wear it underneath a blazer, a low cut something something, or perhaps with nothing at all. Discovering that sensual spark with bow tie nipple jewelry has never been this fun or wicked;)