Earrings for #Werk

Deciding what to wear for #werk can sometimes feel like a chore.  But it does not have to be.  You can enjoy the experience of going through your wardrobe, selecting items that work for you, and wearing them with confidence.  No matter if you have to adhere to a strict dress code or you have a little more freedom, there is one detail that completes your #werk look.  What is that detail?  Earrings, of course!  These powerfully feminine accessories can highlight your face, define your style and help you discover your own unique accessorizing strategy.  Enjoy discovering style with the Eartyes Collection.  This collection of beautifully feminine earrings is designed to light up your face with beauty, elegance and professionalism.  Read on to discover 3 feminine earrings that you can enjoy on your next day in the office or zoom call!

Bow Earrings

Mademoiselle Pearl Earrings

Designed to make your look polished and feminine, these bow earrings are a beautiful way to create a feminine look effortlessly.  Inspired by glamour, beauty and elegance, these bow earrings are a beautiful way to accessorize any look for #werk.  The Mademoiselle pearl earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and bauble shaped faux pearl that dangles with elegant delight.  Perfect for #werk or even a night out on the town, these beautiful bow earrings will go with you wherever you want to go!

 Honey Bow Earrings

Create a little sweetness everywhere you go with the Honey bow earrings!  These handcrafted satin tye earrings feature a lever back ear wires that are so comfy you can wear them all day and all night.  Perfect with your favorite business suit, little black dress or lingerie set, these earrings create a beautifully feminine finish effortlessly.  Experience the magic of sweetness with these flirty bow earrings.

Marie Antoinette Bow Earrings 

Inspired by the beauty and power of classic style, these bow earrings will be your accessorizing favorite.  Beautiful teardrop pearls accents these velvet tye earrings to create a classic look again and again.  No matter if you are giving a big speech or chatting on zoom, these beautiful bow earrings will be your perfect companion.


love, tara