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Article: Effortless Hairtyes with Hair Bows

Effortless Hairtyes with Hair Bows

When it's the weekend, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do with your hair.  Creating effortless accessorizing strategies for lazy weekends with the right hair accessories will set yourself up for success.  So that you can stress less and live more:) Whether you are hiking, sunbathing, or reading in a park, the Hairtyes Collection of handcrafted hair bows is a beautiful way to accent your favorite weekend looks.  Enjoy classic feminine hair styles with this collection of adult hair bows that will go with you wherever you want to go.  Ahead are 3 adult hair bow combs that you should consider adding to your arsenal of hair accessories for every occasion: 

Lace Black Hair Bow
Enjoy the feeling of fancy and feminine with this handcrafted lace hair bow from the Bougie Collection.  Designed to be bold and extra, this beautifully versatile hair bow is a bold way to transform any hairstyle into a beautiful statement that you can take anywhere your heart desires.
Crown any look with sweetness and femininity with this beautifully handcrafted black satin hair bow designed to light up your favorite weekend looks.  Perfect with that little black dress or lingerie set, this hair bow is inspired to bring out the Princesa in you.  Perfect with any updo, ponytail or just down with curls.
Celebrate your femininity with this sleek and versatile black hair bow inspired by all things feminine and fancy.  This wispy hair bow features flirty long tails that you can easily integrate into any hairstyle you want.  Wear this black hair bow with your favorite weekend looks.  It's so versatile you can wear it all day and all night.  Such a doll. 
love, tara

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