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Article: Elegant Flirtation: The Chandela Collection of Bridal Feminine Intimates

Bridal Accessories

Elegant Flirtation: The Chandela Collection of Bridal Feminine Intimates

White.  It's a color that signifies a lot of different meanings.  It can mean winter, it can mean purity, it could even mean Miami.  Whatever this versatile color does for you, it is definitely a color that you need to accessorize with.  The Chandela Collection utilizes white organza to create a bridal-inspired collection designed to bring elegance, flirtation, and femininity into your style.  You could be walking down the aisle, celebrating an anniversary or just celebrating yourself in your boudoir, allow the Chandela Collection to light up your world with elegant flirtation.  Here is a quick glance at all the items in the collection:

Chandela Collection of Feminine Jewelry and Sensual Intimates


Light up your look with the sweetest of accents in these crystal earrings from the Chandela Collection!  Featuring handcrafted organza and satin tyes with radiant crystal accents, these earrings are the perfect way to introduce elegance and flirtation into your look.  Lead-free ear wires suit the most sensitive of ears so that you can wear them all day and all night long.


 Celebrate your wedding day in elegant style with this handcrafted leg garter designed to accent your thighs with the sweetest of accents.  The Chandela Bridal leg garter is versatile so you can wear it to the front, back or to the side.  This bridal leg garter features a handcrafted organza leg band and satin tye so that it will bring elegance and flirtation into your look.


 Experience sweet surrender like never before.  The Chandela Bridal Handcuffs are a beautiful way to explore passion and power without fear.  These bridal handcuffs feature soft elastic loops and flirty satin tyes so you can quickly employ them when the mood calls for it.  Versatile enough so that you can wear them around your ankles and your wrists.


Illuminate your sensuality with these ultra-feminine and undeniably elegant nipple covers from the Chandela Collection!  Silver sparkly nipple covers are adorned with a handcrafted satin tye and radiant crystal prism so that you can give your sensuality a little sparkle.  Perfect for your wedding night, anniversary or whenever you want a little sensual sparkle.



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