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Article: Everything About Nipple Clamps

Everything About Nipple Clamps

The nipples are one of those areas that need a little love.  They are sensitive and need your attention from time to time.  Nipple have lots of feels and they enjoy both pain and pleasure.  Thanks to a design, a sex toy or an accessory (however you want to define them) nipple clamps restrict blood flow to your nipples causing you to experience pain and pleasure. Nipple clamps are often associated with BDSM where the submissive counter part experiences a range of sensations on the nipples.  From licking to blowing to, well, pinching.  No matter how you want to experience your nipples' emotions, have the joy and the style of experience it with the Niptyes Collection of sensual nipple accessories.  These flirty and feminine sensual lingerie accessories are the perfect way to allow your nipples to go through whatever they want to go through.  Here are nipple accessories that you can enjoy over and over again:

Feminine Nipple Clamps

Feminine Nipple Clamps | Honey Niptyes

Pour on the honey with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps designed to light up your world with the sweetest of sensations.  These handcrafted nipple clamps feature a soft satin tye and flexible horseshoe clamp that secures onto the nipple with flirtation and seduction. 

Feminine Nipple Clamps | French Kiss Niptyes

Discover where luxury and femininity collide with these pearl-string nipple clamps! Meow!  These sexy little things are perfect to wear under a low-cut or sheer shirt to create a sensual accessorizing experience that you can enjoy again and again.  Inspired by all things sensual, these nipple clamps are a beautiful way to top of any sensual look.

Feminine Nipple Clamps | La Sophisticate Niptyes 

As the latest addition to the Niptyes Collection, this range of beautifully handcrafted nipple clamps makes for a beautiful and feminine way to sensually accessorize any look at any time.  This nipple clamp necklace features creamy glass pearls and handcrafted satin tyes with non-piercing nipple clamps so you can wear them again and again.  Now isn't that sophisticated.

love, tara

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