Evoke Your Feminine Style

Trust me, I love menswear. In fact, it was the main source of inspiration when I started designing for Tyes By Tara. But there is something magical about femininity. Femininity, defined as the quality of being female, is centered on the attributes, behaviors and roles associated with being a girl. And when you contrast the two styles, menswear and femininity, the style creativity is abundant. Here are a few ways to evoke your feminine style.


This simple yet powerful symbol, a hair bow, is a loud declaration of femininity. Perhaps it brings you back to your childhood. Tying a tye into your tye is a beautiful way to accessorize your hair and exercise a feminine look. 


Femininity is exhibited through thoughtful jewelry selection. It’s great to have both bold and dainty jewelry in your accessory wardrobe, but if you want your look to have a more feminine appeal, try going for dainty jewelry.


Feminine style exists more in certain silhouettes than in others. Sure, who doesn’t love sweatpants and a hoodie, but if you want to achieve a feminine style try more form-fitting clothes. They don’t have to be tight. They simply need to contour to your curves in a flattering way.


This material is perhaps the most feminine of them all. A touch of lace instantly adds a feminine touch to your look. Whether you wear it on a skirt, in your hair or as a trim to your shirt, lace is a feminine style must have.


Color has a powerful impact on our style.  If your wardrobe consists of a lot of colors, or hardly any at all, incorporating pink into your look can also evoke your feminine style.

Here are a few items that I love to wear to help me look feminine: