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Article: Explore New Necktie Necklaces

Fall Accessories

Explore New Necktie Necklaces

With Fall approaching and kids heading back to school, it's time to re-evaluate what is going on in your closet.  It's time to think about putting all those swim suits away and thinking more about layering and leggings.  Changing of seasons always ushers in a new wave of style, so it might be time to get rid of a few things that you no longer really wear to make room for new pieces.  A fall statement piece that you should consider is a necktie necklace.  This traditionally masculine accessory can easily crossover to a variety of different looks that will make your wardrobe accessible to more styling options.  No matter if you are heading into work or enjoying the weekend in a far off destination, having a necktie necklace to provide balance and structure to your look is always a good idea.  This fall I introduced 3 new necktie necklaces to give your wardrobe a luxuriously feminine statement piece that you can wear whenever your heart desires. Enjoy style and luxury this fall with these 3 new necktie necklaces:

 Necktie Necklace

When luxury and serendipity intersect, you get styling options that you might have never thought of!  The Hypnotic necktie necklace is perfect to wear with that business suit of yours, a little black dress or even your favorite lingerie set.  This necktie necklace features lead-free chain and a luxuriously feminine pearl strand that cascades down the torso for a hypnotic finish.
Show them who's boss with this feminine and luxurious necktie necklace designed to highlight your look with structure and femininity.  The Executive necktie necklace features lead-free chain and luxurious pearl accents to create a spectacle of feminine style.  Wear this with a collared shirt, low cut blouse or with whatever your heart desires.
Make the right decisions with this ultra-feminine necktie necklace designed to highlight your decollete with style and femininity.  The Boss necktie necklace features lead-free chain and luxurious pearl accents that will give your look femininity and style.  Celebrate your femininity in style with this must-have necktie necklace.
love, tara

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