Explore your Sensuality with Nipple Clamps 🎀

The nipples are one of those areas that are a little taboo when it comes to style.  We all know that the #freethenipple movement is definitely a statement that we all need to re-evaluate and incorporate into today's discussions.  The nipples are also a very erogenous area that is rich of nerves that create beautiful sensations when there are aroused or stimulated.  Now you can enjoy exploring your sensuality even more with the Niptyes Collection of sensual intimate jewelry designed to be worn and taken off as you please.  Niptyes are designed to arouse your sensuality so that you can explore your body even more.  Whether you are looking for a fun way to light up some foreplay or you want to explore these sensations all by yourself, having intimate jewelry like the Niptyes Collection will allow you to explore your boundaries. Here are 3 nipple clamps from the Niptyes Collection that you should consider for your next intimate encounter or sensual exploration:

Nipple Clamps Intimate Jewelry

Nipple Clamps | Secrets Niptyes

What's your secret?  Enjoy your sensuality discretely with these petite bow nipple clamps designed to light up your look instantly.  These handcrafted nipple clamps feature a non-piercing nipple clamps with an organza tye that you can wear under a shirt, blouse or blazer for a sensual statement.  Enjoy the sweetest of sensations with these flirty nipple clamps.

Nipple Clamps |  Kinkette Niptyes

Discover where sensuality meets fashion in these flirty and feminine nipple clamps designed to spike your sensuality with sweetness and style.  The Kinkette nipple clamps feature a sparkly kittenish choker and lead-free chain so that you can enjoy wearing them all day and all night.

Nipple Clamps | Lionesse Niptyes

Let your inner lionesse come out and roam with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps designed to bring a little playful action to your most intimate moments.  These non-piercing nipple clamps are the perfect to add to your next striptease or intimate encounter.  Enjoy your sensuality like never before.