Fall Freshness

This Fall I am excited to announce the addition of several new tyes!  Using inspiration from music, beauty and fitness, these brand new tyes are designed to highlight your femininity in the most stylish way.  

First is the new legtyes.  I have gotten so much amazing feedback about our legtyes leg garters and wanted to make them even sweeter by incorporating a belt into them.  This not only makes these leg garters more flirty to wear, they make great accessories inside and outside of what you are wearing.

Next, I designed a new collection called Vice.  This collection is inspired by the feelings we get when we are tempted to do something we shouldn't.  It's that intriguing feeling we get when we are about to go from good to bad.  That's the Vice Collection.  Delicious rose gold chain perfectly drape against the skin and have small tye accents to balance out this bad/good mix.  What's your favorite Vice?

Finally, there is a new bowtye necklace!  The Bossy Bowtye bow necklace is made to be completely suitable for work and for play.  Lead-free chain and handcrafted organza tyes glide against the decollete for a structured and sweet finish.

The Autumn/Winter Collection is one of my favorites.  Be sure to keep checking the New Section to get all the latest items as they become available :)

with love, tara