Fashion Playlist: A Guide to Feminine Accessories

Planning is an important part of setting yourself up for a successful week.  And there are seriously so many tools to help you plan.  Whether it's a calendar, a diary or notifications on your phone, devising a plan to get you through the week is a smart move.  But have you done this with your wardrobe?  Planned out what you are going to wear a week in advance?  While that might seem kinda crazy, it actually might save you a lot of time.  There are also apps that you can download, like ClosetSpace and StyleBook, to help you plan your wardrobe decisions.  Creating a wardrobe plan, kind of like your favorite music playlist, is a great way to explore your wardrobe and put together outfits that you might have not of thought of as you were running out the door.  Even if you don't have time or make the time to put together a plan, at least have a good idea about how to wear your feminine accessories and what you can pair them with.  If you throw on jeans, don't forget that feminine bow belt.  If you are wearing a pencil skirt, don't forget a feminine leg garter for a sensual surprise.  There are seriously so many options.  Here are a few feminine accessories that you can put on your fashion playlist:

Feminine Accessories Bow Ring

Feminine Accessories | Doll Bow Belt 

Doll up any look effortlessly with this versatile and playful bow belt designed to create an ultra-feminine look anytime.  The Doll Bow Belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft adjustable waistband that you can wear with jeans, a dress or even your favorite lingerie set.  Accessorizing with feminine accessories has never been so sweet.

Feminine Accessories | Marie Antoinette Hair Bow

Add a hint of vintage sophistication to your fashion playlist in this feminine hair bow inspired by classic feminine style.  The Marie Antoinette hair bow features a handcrafted velvet tye and salon-style hair comb so that you can insert it into any hairstyle you desire.  Flirt with your femininity in this versatile hair bow comb!

 Feminine Accessories | Hickey Heel Accessories 

 Make your mark with femininity and style in this flirty and feminine heel accessories designed to light up each step you take.  The Hickey heel accessories feature handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic band that you can wear as anklets, around your heels or even around your calves.  Accessorizing has never been more fun.  What's on your playlist?


love, tara