Feminine Bridal Accessories: Finding Your Wedding Leg Garter

Here comes the bride!  Walk down the aisle with full confidence that you made the right decision with your wedding dress, your colors, your hair and of course, your future spouse!  There are a lot of decisions to make around weddings.  Where to have the wedding.  How many people to invite.  What is the budget for the wedding. And so on.  And so on.  Luckily, this blog post is dedicated to helping you find your leg garter and take one more decision off your plate during this exciting and memorable part of your life.  Wearing your wedding garter is symbolic and will hold so much meaning over time.  It is wise to be selective and discerning when making your wedding leg garter selection! Here is a quick look at the bridal legtye leg garters that will make your big day even sweeter:


Flirt with your thighs in these raw and unruly leg garters from the Eve Collection!  These bridal leg garters feature metallic leaves that are available in gold and silver.  Perfect for an outdoor wedding, these elegantly feminine leg garters have an elastic fit making them super comfortable so you can wear them all day and all night long.


Be the princesa that you are when you walk down that aisle in the Princesa bridal leg garters!  These sparkly and sensual leg garters feature radiate rhinestone mesh and a soft satin tye so you can radiate all night long.  This bridal leg garter comes with a toss garter so that you can cherish your Princesa leg garter for years to come!


Give your thighs an enchanting and beautiful finish in the Chandela bridal leg garters!  These bridal leg garters feature elegant organza and a radiate chandelier prism that dangles in seductively sweet delight.  A handcrafted satin and organza tye accents this luxuriously sweet bridal leg garter!