Feminine Chokers 🎀

Trends come and go but style is always here to stay.  While chokers had a mad run as a trend in the 1990s, they have been back in style since 2015.  This comeback is for good reason.  Feminine chokers are easy to accessorize, look great with almost anything, and are the perfect accessory to highlight your neck and your shoulders.  Enjoy style with a little bit of sensuality with these ultra-feminine accessories designed to make the most out of your jewelry wardrobe.  Chokers come in all different styles, materials and designs.  So choosing a choker or chokers that are right for you is easy.  If you are looking for something more feminine then lace, velvet or satin would be a beautiful choice.  Blending feminine chokers into your look is an effortless way to accessorize.  Chokers are versatile and can be worn anywhere you want to go.  Dress them up or wear them every day, the choice is all yours.  Here are a few feminine chokers that you need in your jewelry wardrobe:

Feminine Chokers

Feminine Choker | Lady Bowtye

Flirt with your sensuality in this ultra-versatile bow choker designed to highlight your neck and shoulders.  The Lady Bowtye is a beautiful way to accessorize any look you desire.  Wear it with your little black dress or a white blazer to work, the options are all yours with this flirty and simple feminine choker.  The Lady Bowtye choker features an intricate elastic and handcrafted tyes in the back so you can wear this comfortably all day and all night. 

Feminine Choker | Fringe with Benefits Bowtye  

Discover style through playfulness with the Fringe with Benefits choker!  This bold and beautiful choker is an elegant and unique way to accessorize any look.  Wear this fringe choker with your favorite sexy dress or lingerie set, the options are all yours with this ultra-playful choker.  Inspired by the style of 1920s flappers, this choker is a perfect way to evoke a little femininity and sensuality into your look.

Feminine Choker | Marie Antoinette Bowtye

Celebrate your femininity with this simple and kitten-inspired bow choker made of luxurious velvet ribbon.  This must-have choker is a beautiful way to highlight your neck with a hint of sensuality.  The Marie Antoinette choker features a handcrafted velvet tye and choker so that you can experience luxury and femininity with this feminine choker!