Feminine Earrings Perfect For #Brunching


When it comes to casually catching up with friends, meeting someone new or networking with a group of professionals, having the right look when you are brunching can transform your experience.  I mean who doesn't love connecting with others over coffee and pancakes?  So it's only natural to want to look good while brunching.  But coming up with appropriate looks is not always easy.  That is why the Eartyes Collection of feminine bow earrings is the perfect choice for your next brunch!  These versatile and feminine bow earrings create a beautiful statement no matter what you decide to wear them with.  From classic to bold, from easy going to formal, these bow earrings are designed to light up your cheekbones with beauty and versatility. While there is no set guidelines to follow when you are deciding what to wear for #brunching, it is important to keep style and comfort close together in your selection.  That is why all Eartyes are constructed using a lead-free and nickel-free earwires so that you can wear them all day and into the evening.  Here are 3 feminine bow earrings that you should incorporate into your next #brunching experience:

 Bow Earrings

Femme Fatale Bow Earrings 

Delight any look with these ultra-feminine bow earrings that you can dress up or dress down as much as you want!  The Femme Fatale bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free earwires that you can wear any way you please.  Enjoy brunching in effortless style with these must haves!

Vanity Bow Earrings

Petite and pretty, these beautiful handcrafted bow earrings make for the perfect way to dress up any look you desire.  The Vanity bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and leverback earwires so that you can enjoy sensual styling by highlighting your neck and cheekbones with femininity.

Marie Antoinette Bow Earrings

Flirt with sophistication and style in these ultra-feminine bow earrings that are perfect to wear anytime your heart desires.  These bow earrings not only make for the perfect brunch companion, you can wear them to work, out on the town or simply just lounging about your boudoir.

 love, tara