Feminine & Flawless ūüéÄ Bow Bracelets

The act of accessorizing can be a bit of both an art and a science.  It's a careful balance between the two.  Color theory, placement strategy and overall impact all play a part in accessorizing.  Whether you are accessorizing your hair, your curves or simply your wrists, having a solid accessorizing strategy is always a good idea to overcome any stagnated decision making during the week.  For instance, on Monday bow bracelets are a perfect way to accessorize.  They are fast, easy and versatile especially because I know that most Mondays are super crazy. On Tuesday, bow belts.  On Wednesday, it's hump day, so nipple covers or nipple clamps are the best way to go;) On Thursday it's ladies night so shoe accessories for the heels and finally on Friday, it's time to celebrate as it's the weekend so it's time to bring out the handcuffs.  Each week, of course, can be different and you can mix it up in a lot of different ways, but today is Monday and it's bow bracelet day.  So here are 3 bow bracelets to consider accessorizing with you get you through the day:

Bow Bracelet Feminine Jewelry

Invitation Bow Bracelet 

Delight any look with a hint of dark femininity in this bold and impactful bow bracelet cuff!  Inspired by all things feminine and goth, this bow bracelet is perfect to wear with your favorite black business suit, dress or perhaps nothing at all.  Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly and beautifully with this handcrafted bow bracelet!

Hickey Bow Bracelet 

Make your mark with this ultra-feminine bow bracelet designed to light up any look with femininity and style.  Enjoy flirtation and style by adding this petite bow bracelet to any look your heart desires.  This bow bracelet is seriously so versatile you might want to wear it all week long!

Coax Bow Bracelet 

It's the simple things that make the biggest impact with this ultra-feminine bow bracelet designed to accessorize any look you like!  This handcrafted bow bracelet features lead-free chain and a soft satin tye that you can seriously wear with anything.  Doesn't this make Monday's so much easier?

love, tara