Feminine Hair Accessories to Take Anywhere✨

When it's time to do your hair, you may have more options than you know about.  Maybe you want it up?  Or down and teased?  There are seriously so many ways you can style your hair and getting multiple ideas from Pinterest and Instagram is just the beginning.  Utilizing feminine hair accessories like hair bow combs and headbands, you have a lot of different ways to can employ to enjoy pretty hair styling without much investment.  That is the inspiration behind the Hairtyes Collection of handcrafted hair bow combs.  To give you the tools you need to create a beautiful hair style that you love again and again.  These handcrafted hair accessories are designed to go into any updo or casual look that need a feminine touch.  There is no stopping the creativity with the latest additions to the collection: The Secrets Hairtyes, The Kitty Hairtye and the Glam Tyera.  Here is a look at each one of them a little closer along with ways on how to integrate them into any look you desire:

Feminine Hair Accessories

Feminine Hair Accessories | The Secrets Hairtyes

What's your secret?  Enjoy petite and impactful hair accessories with the Secrets Hairtyes!  These ultra-feminine hair bows feature salon-style hair combs that you can insert into any hairstyle you want.  These handcrafted organza tyes make for the perfect way to accessorize without much effort!

Feminine Hair Accessories | The Kitty Hairtyes

Make your mane prrr in sweet delight with the Kitty black hair bow!  This salon-styled hair bow features sexy Russian veiling and a handcrafted satin tye that you can wear when you are feeling a little frisky.  Enjoy an instant hair pick me up with this unique black hair bow!

Feminine Hair Accessories | Glam Black Hair Bow

Inspired by all things retro, the Glam Tyera black hair bow features a bold hair bow with a soft elastic band that you can wear to the front, back or side.  Enjoy a retro statement effortlessly by adding this to any hair style you want!  Glamorous accessorizing has never been easier!

love, tara