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Article: Feminine Intimates For Any Night✨

Feminine Intimates

Feminine Intimates For Any Night✨

Sometimes you need an escape.  An escape from the routine.  The day to day.  The demands that are subtly placed upon our shoulders.  Wherever you find your escape, a bathtub, a boudoir or your closet, it is important to create the space you need to recenter, reconnect and enjoy everything that you are.  Allow your sensuality to enter the celebration by exploring feminine intimates to help you enjoy this time to yourself.  After the holidays and all hecticness that goes along with it, it is important to start the new year with inventorying yourself and what you need out of the next 365 days.  Here are a few feminine intimates that you can wear any night your heart desires: Feminine Intimates Bow Belt Boutique


Listen to your heart with this ultra-feminine bow belt from Heartbreaker Collection!  This beautifully handcrafted bow belt is perfect to wear as an empress waist around your favorite dress, with your favorite lingerie set or perhaps with nothing at all.  The styling options are limitless thanks to the soft, adjustable belt that allows you to wear it to the front or the back.  Be careful tho, you might just break a heart. 


Sparkle the way you were meant to with these ultra-feminine leg garters from the Vixen Collection!  These sparkly feminine intimates will light up your style no matter what you wear and where you go!  Wear these sparkly feminine intimate leg garters under a short skirt, over leggings or whenever you need a little sparkle.


Take your retreat to an intimate place with the Secrets Niptyes nipple clamps!  These petite yet powerful nipple clamps feature a handcrafted organza tye and flexible, bio-circular nipple clamps that delivers the sweetest of sensations.  Wear them under a loose shirt, under a blazer or with nothing at all.  Experience these feminine intimates any night you desire!





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