Feminine Jewelry for Each Season🎀

The seasons.  They define the year with distinctive weather patterns, style and emotions.  No matter if you love the heat of the summer or want to escape to the mountains to go skiing, having a beautiful and balanced blend of feminine jewelry is an effective way to create stylish statements again and again.  Having at least one piece of feminine jewelry for each season is an impactful strategy that you can use on almost any type of accessories or clothing.  Defining the seasons and correlating a piece of feminine jewelry with it is fun, fashionable and is easy to do once you decide what pieces of feminine jewelry go with what season.  Here is a roadmap to help guide you make that decision:

Feminine Jewelry

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories for Spring

The Daisy Pastyes nipple covers are made for spring!  These feminine nipple covers feature a soft organza tye and chiffon flower detail that will take your look to a beautiful and feminine places.  The Daisy Pastyes nipple covers are perfect for spring festival season, weddings and even when you just want a sensual addition to your look.

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories for Summer

Delight your look with the sweetest of details in these feminine headband designed to keep your hair away from your neck while still looking stylish.  During those hot summer months it is important to balance style with functionality and this feminine hairband is the perfect way to do it!

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories for Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year.  Allow the heat of the summer to fade and the crisp start of cooler temperatures to begin.  The Knockout Necktie Necklace is a beautiful feminine piece of jewelry that is all sorts of back to school.  Wear it to work, to the office or whenever you want to get that fresh fashion-forward vibe going. 

Feminine Jewelry & Accessories for Winter

Bundle up, it's cold outside.  So turn up the temperature inside with the FiFi Handcuffs.  These faux fur handcuffs feature soft satin tyes so that you can have the versatility and functionality you crave.  Discover winter in a different way with these sensual intimate accessories perfect for winter!